Tessract-GUI is not a front-end for tesseract-ocr.
It is just a graphical way to use it  with simple image manipulation thru ImageMagick.

Some features are:
Auto-index: Process lots of images and index and rename all output text files automatically.
Rotate: To correct the angle of images after scan and before covert them.
Crop: Convert just an area of the image. You can use it to create columns.
Contrast: Lighten or darken the edge of the characters of the image.
Generalize: Apply the changes to every image.
Concatenate: Now you can create a only final  text file with this option.

You can get to try the last version of the source.

Now you can download a
.deb package for all architectures!!

For bugs or recomendations please email me at juanramoncastan@yahoo.es or contact me
through the project site at SourceForge.net.





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